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What’s the one common thing between our health and today’s fast-paced world?

“No Balance Left!”


Picture this: It’s finally the time to refuse the temptations of junk food cravings. You, a warrior, have finally decided to sacrifice your blood, sweat and tears for the ultimate goal: To be Healthy.

But what’s this? Time, Money and dietary needs are creating obstacles to prevent you from achieving your ultimate goal?


Cue Sortizy. A Reliable App that gives you the recipe you want, faster than you can think “Oh, What Do I Eat?” 


From Incubation to Launching, we have always kept your health and wellbeing as our priority. In today’s dynamic world, we often have little to no time to research recipes suited to our dietary needs and schedules. Sortizy aims to bridge this gap by providing a platform that helps in making conscious decisions to a healthier future. By providing amazing assistance with recipes, dietary planning and grocery shopping, Sortizy is that all-in-one app that you never thought you wanted but rather needed.


In our journey, we are also proud to collaborate with notable brands and home chefs, who work tirelessly to give you the correct information and ingredients as per your suitability, thus creating an amazing culinary ecosystem, which you can access within the comforts of your home! As a pioneering video commerce venture, we are also the winners of Google Play India’s “Best App of 2021 in Everyday Essentials category”.


It doesn’t matter who you are, rather what matters is how you and we can create the much-needed balance between time and health, without compromising on taste and diet.


Because we believe that Kitchen isn’t only meant for cooking meals, it is also meant for creating stories, magic and a healthy you.


So what are you waiting for? Install Sortizy now, and take the first step towards your health!


Sagthi Prakash

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder and CEO

Surbhi_website picture .jpg

Surbhi Guha

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder and CBDO


Nitin Gupta

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder and CPO



Abhinav Visen

  • LinkedIn

Data and Product

Aparna G_edited.jpg

Aparna Gundavajala

  • LinkedIn

Lead Community Manager

Prishita Kumar.png

Prishita Kumar

  • LinkedIn

Content Editor

Abdul Rehman Khilji.jpg

Abdul Rehman Khilji

  • LinkedIn



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