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Cool for the Summer: Delicious Mango Recipes to Beat the Heat!

Summer is here, and we officially cannot stop talking about Mango! Mango as a fruit in Indian households is a favoured fruit, which invokes childhood nostalgia of carefree summer vacations or perhaps, acts as a comforting partner to satisfy our cravings. From delicious cool mango drinks to spicy mango pickles, Mango has diverse uses in the culinary world; right from a condiment to dessert! Be it the sweet, sweet goodness of the ripe mango.

Are we still surprised that Mango’s called King of The Fruits? Absolutely Not!

With nutrients like potassium and magnesium, Mango not only helps in lowering the blood pressure and improves the digestive system but is also beneficial during pregnancy, as it offers essential minerals like folate and copper, which is healthy and beneficial for fetal growth.

Limiting Mango’s usage to traditional recipes is so last year. If fashion can have innovations, why not food? We at Sortizy have curated a list of innovative mango recipes, which you can create to officially welcome the summer season!

1. Mango Iced Tea by Sortizy

It’s already a bright sunny morning, but you’re still confused about your caffeine intake and the seasonal craving for mangoes. Difficult to choose in-between the 2 choices? Well, why not both! Sortizy’s refreshing recipe of Mango Iced Tea will not only keep you hydrated but will refresh you so well, that your everyday mantra would be “Ice and Shine!”. Create this magical potion and amaze your loved ones!

Check out the recipe now!

2. Mango Panna Cotta by Delishplating

Rome was not built in a day, but this amazing recipe of Panna Cotta took us less than that! With a rich texture of cream topped with fresh mango fruit, we’ll ensure this softly set pudding will take you on a culinary expedition. A recipe so good, you can’t help but exclaim “Mamma Mia!”

Tap now for the recipe!

3. Mango Churumuri by Sunera Kitchen

Bhel Bhel Bhel, if our jokes aren’t back. Jokes apart, this Karnataka Specialty is not only a delectable delight but is vegan and easy to make! Make it as a relaxing snack time or for nail-biting movies, this delicious snack will only keep you wanting more!

Amazing snack, just a click away. Tap now!

4. Homemade Mango Frooti by Sortizy

Isn't this beverage close to our heart? So why not cherish the happy moments of your childhood again with refreshing Mango Frooti. And yes, it can be easily made at home in a jiffy. And yes, be rest assured as the recipe is free from artificial colours or any preservatives.

Delicious recipe is just a click away!

5. Detox Acai Smoothie Bowl by coupleofkneads

Smoothie Bowls are in trend and we just can’t get enough of them! A canvas-like vegan breakfast for the day is surely bound to make your day brighter! With the goodness of fruits, dry fruits and coconut, this fibre-rich smoothie bowl is so amazingly delicious, that even your loved ones will exclaim, “Wow! I like it, Picasso!”.

Tap now for the recipe!

Mango, as a fruit, is a treasure trove for memories and nutrients. This is why, to get the best experience of the dish, always ensure to check the aroma, texture, weight and colour of the fruit before buying. For optimum shelf life and freshness, store chopped mangoes in refrigerated conditions.

While we bid you adieu here, we’re sure you’ll come back to us, as it takes two to Mango! For suggestions, recipes and more, install Sortizy now and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin!

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