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Home food is there to stay amidst the growing food delivery platforms as it is close to our heart!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

What is that first thing that comes to our mind or touches our heart when we think of Food? For some of us, it will be our mother’s home prepared meals filled with love. For some, it would take us down the memory lane when we used to get back home from our schools and our grandmother used to cook food. Home food evokes a feeling, a sense of belonging and a connectedness to our roots. It’s also the thing that millennials miss the most during their hectic work schedules. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck us, it gave us all a chance to be with our families and dine with them on a regular basis, living our childhoods once again. The word “Recipe” was amongst the most searched words on Google, as per the search trends 2020. The new ‘Normal’ will force us to adopt better hygiene, consume home cooked food, avoid going out and look for meals that can be conveniently cooked. It will also require us to plan our meals better, avoid wastage of food and chalk out a grocery list to minimize our efforts wandering around and wasting our time.

Amidst the convenience of food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy, what was missing was a tech-based platform which could automate and simplify our meals for us. This is where Sortizy, a tech-platform makes your home kitchen management easy by offering its meal planner, personalized recommendations based on your taste buds, auto generates your grocery list and even provides you with a step-by-step cooking guide for trying out new meals, all from your comfort of your home. It serves to be a one stop solution for all your needs of home cooked food. Ever since the pandemic has hit us in March last year, all of us have had to readapt and change. We, especially the white-collar workers whose family depend on them, might not be as willing to try out foods in new restaurants or engage in ordering foods due to the fear of COVID-19 for a long time. This is the exact dilemma which was responsible for the launch of this tech start-up based out of Hyderabad. It brings your childhood to you and makes your kitchen management as smooth as it can be. Home cooked food also allows you to keep a check on those calories you have been desperately wanting to shed. Imagine a Sunday afternoon when you are tired of the gruelling week that you have just had and want to engage in the delicacies of South Indian food like Sambar Dosa or Idli. Or maybe a get together with friends, who again are susceptible of ordering and want to eat chole bhature or rajma chawal at your place. This is where Sortizy makes your life easy with its meal planner and a step-by- step process where the application guides you in your culinary experiments. The meal planner helps you stay ahead of time and the grocery list makes sure that you have the adequate ingredients to cook a meal and do not end up confused and lost for thoughts. At a time when mental health is of foremost importance, especially of people who are always under the hammer of a corporate job, its important that one indulges in healthy eating. Home cooked food offers manifold advantages like higher energy levels, more positivity, a potentially longer life span and if these were not enough, it also reduces your extra spending and reduces the carbon footprint, thereby empowering you towards a sustainable and responsible citizen.

At the end of the day, it becomes our prerogative to not only look after our mental health but also our physical health. Eating out or ordering daily from restaurants can drain our physical health and give us some long-term problems like obesity, reduced concentration levels, increase our sugar levels, rise in cholesterol and heart problems. A healthy meal means a healthy family, less tensions and more moments of happiness. Home cooked food is the need of the hour amidst a pandemic which has left us exhausted both mentally and physically. All it would take is a mobile application to sort your eating troubles. Let Sortizy take care of all your meals with its services aimed at providing you an enriching and fulfilling dining experience.

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