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It's Raining Recipes! Easy #Monsoon Recipes to Try out this Week!

The rains are finally here and we just can't get enough of this weather! Signalling the end of over half of the year, monsoons are an amazing way to reconnect with nature and enjoy some natural mindfulness while sitting at the home. This is precisely the time most of us let out our books and creative supplies, which had been forgotten due to our daily busy schedules. During the monsoon season, weather conditions basically sing out the longing for piping hot chai and crispy, hot pakoras! Whatever the time, place and occasion may be; it becomes impossible to refuse for some hot snacks and beverages during this cool weather. We understand your love for hot and fresh food, which is why we bring to you an amazing collection of monsoon special recipes! Curated by excellent home chefs on Sortizy, these snack meals and drinks are the perfect partner for a lazy binge, an interesting book read or for some meditation! We care about you a lot, which is why it's advisable to travel out less whenever possible, use an umbrella or raincoat and always ensure that you consume hot, fresh meals! Discover new recipes as mentioned below and do let us know about your favourite monsoon dish and hobby!

1) Italian Thick Hot Chocolate

Whether it be your favourite fictional world or your comfort zone, your heart would definitely want to "Rome" around in delight after you have a slight taste to this recipe! Thick hot chocolate topped with fluffy freshly whipped cream, this drink will transport you to the happiest core memories of your life, after all, we all deserve a happy corner in our everyday busy schedules! Snazz this drink up with your favourite toppings; choco chips? cookie crumble? sprinkles? Or perhaps all? Go wild with your topping choices and have a fun activity of "D-I-Y Hot chocolate" with your loved ones! Whatever your cooking decisions, Sortizy has your back! Get this amazing warm beverages' recipe by The Cooking Foodie on Sortizy app. Click on the link below to gain direct access and snuggle in your blankets deeper this time!

2) Onion Pakoda

It is a sin to forget onion pakodas while mentioning the monsoon weather! Just like Munnabhai and Circuit, Onion Pakoras and Monsoons are inseparable! Onion Pakodas, or fritters, consist of chopped onions dipped in spiced gram flour slurry, which is then served hot with chutney and ketchup. While others call this a recipe, we call this dish an emotion. An emotion of a loving mother feeding her child after he successfully displays his rain soaked jersey, a befitting symbol of the outdoor cricket's weather. An emotion of 2 individuals in love sharing their best memories over a piping hot snack. Whatever the emotion be, our love for food remains the same. Do you wish to create memories along with this recipe? Click on the link below to avail this recipe by My Kitchen Treasures on the Sortizy App and create some beautiful memories in your home! What's your favourite rainy weather memory? Do let us know in the comments below!

3) Street Style Masala Bhutta

Picture this: Cool sprays, windy skies and a perfect weather to enjoy while sitting at home. You wish to go out to enjoy this weather to the fullest, but for some reason you're unable to and now you're grumbling about having some hot monsoon snacks, like a roasted corn on the cob!. Sortizy has this amazing tiny recipe for you, which literally can be described as "Chhota Packet Bada Dhamaka!" Roasted bhutta, or corn on the cob can now be made within the comforts of your home! An amazing recipe by Bhagyashree Lele on the Sortizy App, click on the link below and don't forget to season it with your favourite spices and lemon juice!

4) Street Style Moong Pakoda Recipe

Katrina from Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani wasn't really lying when she said her favourite snack to enjoy in the monsoon weather was moong dal pakoras with pudina chutney! A delectable Indian snack, Moong dal, or green gram is combined with spices, herbs and condiments that come together to make the perfect crunchy hot monsoon snack for tea times in evening. A delectable recipe by Spice Up The Curry on Sortizy, these pakoras are crisp, golden brown from outside with a soft, spongy and fluffy texture from inside. Quick and easy recipe that can be made at home, these pakoras are best served with tea and can be a great party snack for some amazing get-togethers! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and get, set, fry!

5) Thai Tofu Soup

Cold Monsoon Weathers leave our hearts to desire a warm meal and a full belly. A hearty vegan recipe by Dassana's Veg Recipes, this Thai Tofu Soup will keep you wanting more! It contains fiery & pungent galangal and fragrant Lemon grass along with the hot hot red Piri piri chilies, which are then topped with soothing Basil and lime leaves that can usually serve as a quick remedy for cold or chills experienced during this weather. You can try a mix-and-match combination of your favourite vegetables, but we recommend you to add Broccoli, carrots, beans, cauliflower, bok choy, potatoes, etc to make the soup more fragrant and flavourful! Click on the link below to avail this recipe on the Sortizy App and tell us in the comments section; whom would you like to share this soup with??

6) Masala Tea

Pakoras are impossible to enjoy without some piping hot tea! Masala Chai is a classic Indian beverage that made by boiling black tea in milk and water with a mixture of aromatic herbs and spices.Originating in India, the beverage has gained worldwide popularity, becoming a feature in many coffee and tea houses. While every family has a different recipe for the chai, sugar, spices, milk and tea leaves remain the basic components of the recipe. It's Western counterpart has a slightly mild texture and taste which leans more on the creamier side! With Sortizy's Step-By-Step ingredient feature, this chai is now easy to make at home and can be paired with multiple favourite monsoon snacks! Click on the link below to get the exclusive recipe by The Food Monk on the Sortizy app and promise us; you'll chai this at home!

Monsoon isn't just a weather; it's an emotion felt by us, animals and plants alike. A blessing for our farmers and a coolant of our planet, monsoons play an integral part to give us the time to relax, unwind and revamp ourselves with the help of Mother Nature. I believe, joy is found in every nook and corner of this planet, so why don't we try to find it in our kitchen? This is why Sortizy believes that together, we won't just create recipes, but we shall create magic and memories in the kitchen!

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