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Left(over) is always Right! Sustainable Cooking with Sortizy

Sustainable this, sustainable that, there are several topics online for a holistic and organic approach towards our environment. In this blog, we'll talk about sustainable cooking, that will help you not only nourish your health, but also help saving the environment!

Sustainable Cooking begins right from the process when we choose our ingredients at the store, the utensils we use for cooking, till the time we decide the management of the waste or the leftover food. In India, around 40% of the food produce is wasted annually. With food and environmental crises taking up our planet and increasing the pressure of feeding every mouth, we need to focus on sustainable food management to not only help ourselves with good health, but also help conserve the environmental balance. Sometimes, especially in Indian households, we tend to cook relatively more portions than usually needed, which leads to storing the excess food in containers. We understand that eating the same meal two days in a row can be boring, but throwing away food also leads to unnecessary wastage!

Do you want to manage the food in a wise way but also don't want to eat the same meal? We got your back! At Sortizy, we understand that sustainability may be a daunting task, but it is super easy, and it begins right at home! In this blog, we have curated a list of fantastic and tasty recipes that will not only go easy on your pockets, but will also creatively utilize your leftovers so that you get more kitchen space for your other favourite products! On Sortizy App, we also have sustainable kitchen hacks from our home chefs that will suggest you best practices for organic and mindful cooking, right within your home comforts! Check out our app and do share your love for food with us!

1) Leftover Roti Nachos

Roti, or flatbread is a staple in North Indian cuisine which is served as an accompaniment with vegetable and lentil curries. Often, excessive rotis can be burdensome to deal with, which is why Sortizy is here to rescue! Enter Leftover Roti Nachos, a crisp and tasty snack which is whole-wheat and packed with melted cheese and veggies! A delectable recipe by a9creativecooking on Sortizy, this snack is an amazing way to host the binge watching sessions in your comfort space! Serve it as a snack during tea time or any time, and indulge in zero waste cooking! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and nacho, nacho nacho!

2) Leftover Rice Roti| Gluten-Free| Akki Roti

Akki Roti is a rice-based flatbread that is a popular breakfast item in Karnataka cuisine. The traditional process to cook this delicious breakfast item is to knead the dough till it's soft and then cook it over the girdle. Another way through which this traditional dish is prepared is by placing a plantain leaf over the girdle. Whatever the way it's cooked, there's one thing in common; its' always really tasty! This recipe is a super fun and super sustainable one that uses leftover rice in a creative manner! A recipe by Sunera's Kitchen on Sortizy, Akki Roti is best prepared by adding your favourite veggies and serving them hot and fresh with coconut chutney or a favourite side of your choice. Click on the link below to get a fantastic recipe and get, set, go sustainable!

3) Leftover Idli Fry (Gujarati Dhokala Style)

Idli is an extremely popular meal popular in east and South Indian regions along with Sri Lanka. The process of idli consists of steaming a batter made of fermented lentils and rice and serving it how with chutney or sambhar. Reusing idlis can sligthly be tricky, but what if we tell you we'll give you an amazing recipe, that is not only delicious, but is also a fusion recipe of 2 States! (We believe love has no boundaries!). This recipe is brought by a food monk on Sortizy, a Sortizy Stunner that brings you restaurant style recipes at your home! The leftover idlis are tempered with mustard seeds, cumin, sesame seeds, green chillies and curry leaves with a pinch of sugar. Serve it hot with a side of your choice! Click on the link below to avail the recipe on the Sortizy App and get,set,cook!

4) Guava Toffee (Leftover Pulp from Jelly)

Toffee has held an important and a very high status in all our childhood! (Disclaimer: Some of us adults still hold it in a high regard now too!). Nothing cheers you better than a toffee on a sad day, or perhaps make your amazing day even brighter than it was before! Fruit pulp has amazing uses like fruit juice and other savories, P V Iyer has an amazing recipe to make your day with your loved ones! A Fantastic recipe available on the Sortizy App, this snack idea utilises the leftover pulp in a creative and tasty manner! Pair it up with your favourite dessert or it it alone, you'll never get enough of it! Click on the link below to avail the recipe "Mahiya say Guava Guava!)

5) Leftover Rice Pakora

It's officially the monsoon season and we just can't get enough of the weather! In this chilly weather, chai and pakoras are the best way to rejuvenate yourselves for a productive day! A recipe by Dassana's Veg Recipes on Sortizy, these pakoras utilise the leftover rice in the best way possible. Sending you warm hugs and lots of love, pair this recipe with a hot beverage of your choice and snuggle in to watch a movie or read your favourite book! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and tell us your favourite dish from the monsoon season!

6) Vada Pav with Leftover Bhaji

When someone said that vada pav is not only a dish, but it's a feeling, an emotion, we can relate to it at a maximum level! A vegetarian dish native to Maharashtra, Vada Pav consists of spicy potato patty coated in gram flour that is deep fried and then sandwiched between bread (pav/hawaiian rolls). It is generally accompanied with one or more chutneys and a green chili pepper. Now a popular snack available all across India, it's no wonder that there are at present more than 20,000 vada pav stalls in Mumbai alone! This recipe is brought by Sunera Kitchen on the Sortizy App, which uses leftover bhaji to make potato fritters! Serve it with your favourite condiment and enjoy it hot and spicy! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and make your day Bom-bae!

7) Lemon Rice - Using Leftover Rice/Lunch Box Recipe

Lemon Rice is a popular South Indian recipe that is vegan, flavourful and absolutely nourishing! A melange of tangy flavours, fluffy rice and flavourful spices,this rice dish is then topped with crunchy nuts for the added flavour! The yellow colour of the dish is attributed to turmeric, which has several healing properties of its own! This recipe is brought to you by The Daily Delish on the Sortizy App, which sustainably uses the leftover rice from the previous day to create a steaming dish to satiate your appetite. It's delicious while being light on palate. Serve it hot with your favourite chutney, sambhar or go solo! Click on the link below to get the step by step detailed guide for the recipe and come back for more!

8) Baked Roti Snack / Leftover Roti Ka Nashta

Love snacking but are conscious about your health at the same time? Do not worry, Sortizy has your back! Bliss is Food on Sortizy shares this creative recipe on the app that utilises leftover rotis at home in the best way possible! The recipe involves chopped up roti pieces baked to perfection that can be enjoyed as a crunchy snack, a healthy alternative of namak para! Spice it up using your favourite spices or experiment with interesting fusions! This snack can be enjoyed at tea times as an accompaniment to your favourite hot beverage! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and do let us know; what's YOUR Favourite snack!

It is wisely stated that a good initiative always starts from home. With the correct meal planning and optimum usage of food items, food wastage may soon be a problem of the past! Sustainable cooking is a difficult practice at an initial stage, that is why we recommend you to install our app to avail best meal practices, kitchen hacks for longer shelf life of your ingredients and other necessary tips to lead a good, healthy and vital life!

Want more delectable recipes? Install our app and follow us on our LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages for more recipes, hacks, smart meal planning, exciting updates and brand collaborations. Have a happy and healthy creation! Sortizy, because we believe that the kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking; it’s also a place where you can find stories, experiences and a stepping stone towards a healthy you!

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