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Party-Party Yeah!: Fun Party Recipes to enjoy this Weekend!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Life is full of celebrations. Whether it be the day you got your first salary or the day there is a big fat Indian wedding to attend; celebrations are always around the corner. What is unique amongst these celebrations is that delectable foods are always around the corner, whether it be a quick recipe or a careful and elaborated dish. By Parties, we don’t mean the traditional definition of having a gala time with a sizeable social crowd. Small and happy memories worth celebrating are also a very integral part of this, just like how you as a user are vital to us and what we stand for!

At Sortizy, we believe that every occasion, whether big or small, is worth celebrating because life is uncertain, so make your every present moment count! Below is a list of party-perfect recipes which will become your and your loved ones’ instant favourite! Click on the link provided below the description to avail the recipe. Have a recipe of your own to share? Write to us, and we’ll guide you so that it can reach even more lovely people!

1) Veg Spring Roll

Summers are here, which means it’s officially the time to rock and roll with this delectable Chinese finger food. Traditionally made with pastry sheets and filled with carrots, spring onion, cabbage, etc. This dish is called “Spring Roll” because it contains fresh seasonal vegetables available in the spring season. Traditionally served with a sweet and spicy chilli sauce, this party recipe now has varied forms of condiments to serve as a starter snack! A delicious way of eating veggies, spring rolls are a classic recipe which takes up less of your time in the kitchen. Serve it hot and crispy with a favourite sauce of your choice. Allow us to ask you a question: Are you a patient eater, or do you walk the path of risk by biting up the extremely hot roll all at once? Let us know!

To avail of the recipe of Veg Spring Roll by Your Food Lab on Sortizy, click on the recipe link below and have a crisp and fresh celebration! Love the recipe? Write your feedback to us and help us serve you better!


2) Paneer Momos

If a title existed of “Most Beloved Ingredient of the Cuisine”, Paneer would be the reigning champion for decades. Paneer especially plays an essential role in North Indian cuisine. From entrees to the main course, Paneer can find a place for itself almost everywhere. In this fantastic Momos recipe, we see a fusion of two cuisines with Paneer as one of the main ingredients (a possible Tofu replacement for the Indian version). A trendy snack, especially in Delhi, Paneer Momos is a hearty delicacy loved by children and adults alike. With plenty of nutrients like carbohydrates and calcium, this snack is an unmissable delight during celebrations! Usually served with a spicy Momo chutney, you can pair it with any favourite condiment!

Originally a dish from Nepal and Tibet, this heavenly tasting dumpling will ensure that everyone who eats it falls in love with your cooking! A versatile dish like this is often considered a portion of street food, but this recipe ensures that it simultaneously meets the standards of a high-end restaurant, all within the comforts of your home! To access the Paneer Momos recipe by Hebbar’s Kitchen on Sortizy, click on the link below and share with us; sadly, not the momos but the feedback of how you found the dish!, Happy Cooking!


3) Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno Poppers, also known as Jalapeno Bites, is an American starter food which consists of hollowed Jalapeno Peppers, which are then usually filled with a stuffing of cheese, meat and other ingredients, breaded and deep-fried. A popular snack in both North and Central America, this dish is believed to be a Tex-Mex dish (Tex-Mex is an abbreviation of Texan and Mexican). It is so beloved in the North and South Americas that a food competition surrounds the dish! The current record of the major league is being held by Joe Chestnut, who ate a whopping 118 poppers in 10 minutes at the University of Arizona on 8 April 2006.

Jalapeno Poppers by Rajshri foods on Sortizy is an unmissable recipe that will keep you wanting more! To avail of the recipe, click on the link below and tell us if you had your mini food competition! Happy Cooking!


4) Veg Sandwich

Sandwich is perhaps one of the most versatile dishes in this blog. The possibilities are limitless and imaginable! Whether it be a school picnic or a quick snack at home for the hungry stomach, sandwiches are fantastic finger food which is quick and easy to make and sometimes require minimal ingredients. It originated from England, where The Earl of Sandwich had famously asked his valet to bring him meat tucked between the two slices of bread. Since then, sandwiches have been available in various shapes and sizes, including the most expensive sandwich ever! The record was created in 2008 by Chef Tom Bridge, whose Lancaster Sandwich was sold for £ 345 on eBay!

This Sandwich recipe by Hebbar's Kitchen on Sortizy is quick and effortless to make! Serve it with some hot and crispy French Fries as a side dish. To avail of the recipe, click on the link below and let us know about your experience, Happy Cooking!


5. Filipino Ube Sugar Cookies

Ube, pronounced ooh-beh is a purple yam often used in desserts, especially the dishes native to the Philippines. It has a vivid colour of purple and gives out a very earthy and nutty taste in the dishes.

Sugar Cookies or Ube crinkle cookies are cake textured cookies with a Filipino twist of purple yam. A popular dish in Filipino-American cuisine, these easy to make cookies have a super crunchy exterior but have a very soft interior. Available in subtle vanilla and pistachio, the crinkle cookies are usually coated with purple sanding sugar to make them more sparkly!

The Little Epicurean on Sortizy has a fantastic Ube cookies recipe, which will become a kid’s favourite or your accompaniment for the tea time! The longer they’re stored, the deeper the taste gets! Also, we recommend you freeze at least an hour before eating the cookies. To avail of the recipe, click on the link below and bake some delicious goodness now! Happy Cooking!


6. Garlic Knots

We kid you knot; this is a must-try recipe! Garlic Knots are super fluffy and cheesy appetisers infused with herbed butter! This dish is a delectable Italian snack consisting of knotting the soft dough and coating it with butter and parsley. This recipe is a great way to utilise leftover dough from the previous night to create something fantastic. We warn you that your loved ones will love this so much that you might have to make double the batch, just in case! Want the recipe by Whiskaffair on Sortizy? Click on the link below and watch an easy step-by-step process to create the perfect garlic knots!


7. Chicken Lasagna

As much as we would love to start this description with a lasagna joke, it will be too layered and cheesy! An Italian favourite, lasagna, is a dish consisting of layers of pasta sheets, tomato sauce, meat or vegetables, and ample cheese! This dish is then baked and served hot. Did you know that the world’s largest lasagna weighed 4,965 kgs?! While this fact may seem heavy to digest, our recipe isn’t! A delectable recipe by Food Fusion, this dish will take your taste buds out for a culinary journey within the comforts of your home! Flavourful, easy and cooked to perfection for every occasion. Tap now on the link below to get a seamless recipe guide to follow at your own pace!


8. BBQ Chicken Wings

When people advise someone to give wings to their wishes, they secretly talk about BBQ Chicken Wings! This dish is a perfect comfort food for a match day or a binge-watching session, this dish consists of fried chicken wings coated with a special sauce to perfection! Though your fingers may get messy, we believe getting messy for this dish is worth it! Have a solo party or enjoy it with your friends while watching a nail-biting scene; we’re here to support you! Best served hot, serve it with a side of fresh salad or home fries. Before getting your fingers messy with that sweet and tangy sauce, use them to click on this link to get your lightning-fast recipe by Spice Bangla on Sortizy. May the force be in favour of your favourite team!


Parties as an occasion are super important and helpful for a great balance of life. We believe that us as individuals should try to celebrate every single accomplishments and achievements in our lives. Just like Sortizy, where we love to be a part of your healthy lifestyle, just like the way you want it. Want more delectable recipes? Install our app and follow us on our LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages for more recipes, hacks, smart meal planning, exciting updates and brand collaborations. Have a happy and healthy creation!

Sortizy, because we believe that the kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking; it’s also a place where you can find stories, experiences and a stepping stone towards a healthy you. Loved the recipes? Please share them with your friends, and don’t forget to tag us!

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