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Rock and Ravio-ling!: Easy Pasta Recipes For an Unforgettable Meal Time

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food to cure everything from a hungry stomach to a broken heart. A close cousin of pizza, pasta is a unique and flavourful dish that can occupy any shape and size-quite literally! Cooking Pasta can be a daunting task; what if the sauce isn’t proper?! Or perhaps, am I eating the right way? Fret not; we at Sortizy bring you a fantastic array of pasta dishes, which you can learn and make at your own pace within the comforts of your home. We recommend you try Foxtail Millet Pasta by Shathabdhi Organics for conscious and guilt-free eating, which is available to purchase on our app!

1. Pasta Salad

Science recommends that a healthy dose of salads in our daily diet leads to a better harmony of body and mind. And what better way to spruce up the salad than adding pasta? This salad recipe by Eat Treat Home on Sortizy App is quick-and-easy and is quite budget-friendly as it requires a minimal amount of ingredients. With power-packed ingredients like Mayonnaise and Fresh vegetables, serve this dish chilled as a side or a main dish, and watch it quickly become a family favourite! For a vegan touch, replace the mayonnaise with vegan mayonnaise.

2. Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

Are you chickening out from healthy food? Do you want to switch to a more nutritional meal but are apprehensive about how to proceed? Worry not! This Pasta Salad Recipe by Just a Taste on Sortizy App is a good meal that will bowl you over! With the protein powerhouse of Lettuce and a delicious medley of a creamy homemade caesar salad dressing, this chicken delicacy will keep you wanting more! Eat it as a meal or serve it as a side, a dish as adaptable as you!

The recipe is available in the link below.

3. 5 Minute Baked Pasta Mug

Cooking authentic Pasta can be a time-consuming task. Craving Pasta but are on a time crunch? Don’t worry! This recipe by Swadisht Delights on the Sortizy App gives you a recipe whose cooking time is faster than your stomach can scream, “I’m Hungry!”. You can add your favourite side toppings of vegetables or meat, as you like! Perfect for kids and single-serve meals. Click on the recipe link and get, set, go!

4. One-Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta

Chicken Pasta is the heartwarming dish you need while binge-watching your favourite shows to relax! Being a one-pot recipe, it is an easy to make, delectable delight that will produce a burst of flavourful goodness in your mouth. Rich in lean protein and fibre, this one-pot dish will soon be a classic favourite of your loved ones. Best served with a side of lightly toasted bread, this recipe by Tasty on the Sortizy app is the one you need! Click on the recipe link and start cooking!

5. Spaghetti Bolognese

Spruce up your vegetable intake by creating this fantastic Bolognese recipe. A classic vegan delicacy, this recipe has a combination of vegetables, mushrooms and flavourful tomato sauce. Brought to you by Dassana’s Veg Recipe on the Sortizy App, bring Italy to your home with this delicious pasta. Get cooking, and as they say, “Pasta La Vista”! Click on the recipe link to impress your loved ones!

6. Masala Pasta

Everybody is familiar with the movie “2 States”. We went a step ahead and unionised two unique countries! With Italian ingredients and a desi twist of Indian spices, this culturally cross dish will remind you of a home away from home. Best served hot, this flavourful pasta’s secret tip is to season it with fresh cilantro (also known as coriander). Brought to you by Spice Up The Curry on the Sortizy app, this meal is the best one to pack for lunchboxes. Click on the recipe link and start cooking!

7. Baked Feta Pasta

Pasta is good, but it can be made great by baking it to perfection! This Baked Pasta dish by Cooking With Manali on the Sortizy App is the perfect weekend getaway within your home! A medley of salt and cheesy tastes, this oven-roasted delight is the cooking therapy you ought to try. Click on the link to avail the recipe, and start cooking!

8. Gochujang Fettucine Pasta

Annyeonghaseyo! With the Korean Wave taking up everything in India by storm, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and say an amazing Namaste to the Korean culture. With Korean spiciness and Italian goodness, this is the comfort food you need when watching your favourite (Korean or no Korean) dramas on your TV! Brought to you by Foodiee_Globetrotter on the Sortizy App, click on the link and create this lip-smacking dish!

9. Pink Sauce Pasta

The left brain is asking you for white sauce pasta while the right brain is craving some tangy goodness? Why not listen to both! This irresistible recipe by Sortizy on the Sortizy App ensures that the medley of spicy and creamy sauce melts in your mouth for delicious goodness. For this recipe, you can use any pasta of your choice and indulge in a portion of perfect comfort food. Eat it while watching a movie or a match. We leave that up to you to decide! Tap on the link to create some wholesome goodness!

Pasta and Humans have a long friendship and have a long way to go. With Sortizy’s step-by-step recipe option, cook at your own pace and amaze your loved ones by creating unique delicacies! But, as we believe, one doesn’t necessarily need to be a Masterchef to make delicious food. For more recipes and cooking hacks tailor-made to your dietary needs and requirements, Install the Sortizy app and start cooking.

Sortizy, because we believe that kitchen isn’t just meant to cook food, but also to create some fantastic stories and magic. Get set, go with Sortizy, and Happy Cooking!

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