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What’s Cooking?: Fantastic Indian Dessert Recipes to Amaze your Loved Ones!

Desserts and Indians are an unforgettable pair that may stand tall even for centuries. Whether a child or an adult, everyone generally loves a great dessert to finish up the meal with it. While traditional recipes like boondi laddoo and halwa are a classic, we at Sortizy have curated a list of recipes with a twist without compromising the taste! Fall in love with cooking as you make these, and watch it become your instant family favourite!

1. Cinnamon Date Coconut Balls

This four-ingredient recipe from Running On Real Food is meant for you! These are energy houses with dates and nutritional coconut! Plus, it’s a no-bake dessert that keeps your hassles minimum. Enjoy them as a healthy snack or dessert after meals. Click on the link below to check out the recipe!

Recipe Link:

2. Pan Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies

Paan is an after-dinner delicacy that may or may not be from Benares! Jokes aside, this fantastic mouth freshener is made of betel leaves filled with various tidbits, which were fascinating to watch as a child. Whether a sign of dinner being over or warm hospitality, paan is a local favourite of many Indians. We at Sortizy bring Pan Pistachio Thumb Print Cookies by Bake Diaries by Sugandha. For the gluten-free version, replace rolled oats with gluten-free oats. Try out the recipe now by clicking on the link below!

Recipe Link:

3. Vegan Oats Payasam

Payasam is a Southern delicacy often offered as offering in many temples and occasions. Typically prepared with jaggery, it is rich in taste and is thinner in consistency than kheer. With more than 60 varieties of payasam in India, it’s a dish filled with rich flavour, culture and traditions. By bringing a vegan twist to this culturally rich recipe, PV Iyers Kitchen at Sortizy gives you a dessert worth remembering. This Payasam can be served both warm or chilled. Click on the link below to avail the recipe!

Recipe Link:

4. Sago Custard Kheer

With Navratri being celebrated currently, don’t be confused about which dessert to make for the day. With the goodness of Sago and the fantastic taste of rich custard cream, this dessert by Relicious is rich in fruits, which will provide you with the required nourishment and flavour. This easy-to-make dessert is also quick to make. Cook this dish and watch your family fall in love with this delicacy. Click on the link below to avail the recipe!

Recipe Link:

5. Vegan Sesame Chocolate Ladoo

Ladoo, a sweet so irresistible that we as children often used to hunt around the house to steal them from the jars! This Ladoo recipe by My Kitchen Treasures on Sortizy brings a twist of chocolate to this delectable recipe that the Young Ones will enjoy thoroughly! These ladoos are quick to make and filled with the nutritions provided by Makhana and sesame. Eat it with meals or for guilt-free festivities. The choice is entirely yours! Click on the link below to get your recipe now!

Recipe Link:

6. Chai Sandesh

Chai lovers, this dessert is dedicated to you! Sandesh is a popular dairy-based Bengali dessert usually made for special occasions and festivities. With the rich texture of Sandesh and a spruced up taste of Tea, this dessert will elevate your senses to altogether different levels. Refrigerate it before consuming it for the best flavour, and enjoy this delectable dish with your loved ones! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and start cooking!

Recipe Link:

7. Choco Idli Cake

Choco Idli Cake is a fantastic dessert recipe that is quick to make and is excellent to taste. Whether for young ones or the kid in you, this recipe is a perfect lunch box idea to ensure that your lunch box will always remain empty! Best served with sprinkles and chocolate dip, this recipe by Sunera Kitchen will ensure that this recipe will soon become a classic dish in your household! Click on the link below and avail the melt-in-mouth dessert recipe!

Recipe Link:

8. 10 Minutes Keto Burfi

Do you have a sweet tooth but also have to maintain your diet? We got your back! This easy to prepare dish by Sunera Kitchen on Sortizy is the guilt-free dessert you need to enjoy your day to the fullest! This badam burfi is sugar-free and diabetic-friendly, which everyone can enjoy equally! Click on the link below to get a tasty recipe that the entire platter will be empty within minutes!

Recipe Link:

9. Beetroot Halwa

Fussy eater, who doesn’t like beet in the form of a salad? No problem at all! At Sortizy, we bring you a recipe by PV Iyers Kitchen, which will help you and your loved ones get an exciting way to include a nutritious ingredient in your meals. With the rich taste of clarified butter, sugar and dry fruits, this recipe will soon be admired by all your loved ones in the family! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and start creating this fantastic dish!

Recipe Link:

Desserts, as a course, have a place in every Indian’s heart. To ensure the best taste of the dish, use only the fresh ingredients and refrigerate the desserts to maximise the shelf life. We at Sortizy prioritise your health, so you don’t have to compromise on taste, healthy eating or the budget. For more exciting recipes and kitchen hacks, install the Sortizy app and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay tuned for unique recipes and brand collaborations. Happy and Healthy Cooking!

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