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Benefits of meal planning and how it could help you stick to your diet plan

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

What’s the most important part of our life, a part which gives us energy, which keeps us self-motivated throughout the hustle of the day and also gives us a good night’s sleep after a hard day? As once famously quoted by Virginia Woolf in a room of one’s own “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” This quote cannot be truer than the modern times that we live in. In the hust and bust of our daily lives, there are times when we can even find planning our meals and managing our food extremely demanding.

It’s healthy food at the end of the day which gives us the hope of making our dreams come true. In our intense daily routines, we have neglected this part of our life far too often. It’s often resulted in many ailments for us and poor eating habits. While we work around the clock in our day-to-day jobs, we often have no time for our nutrition. This is the biggest pain point for white collar workers, business magnates and students across the globe today. They are always finding it tough to maintain a healthy food intake along with the pressures of the corporate world.

To sort this major pain point for so many people with diverse interest and habits, 2 young entrepreneurs Sagthi Prakash and Surbhi Guha came up with Sortizy, a tech platform for making home kitchen management a hassle-free experience for you. Sortizy’s meal planner will help you in managing your time better. Planning ahead and organizing your meals will make sure there’s no last -minute aimless wandering and overspending in grocery shops or ordering daily from restaurants. Besides being pocket and time friendly, it will help you reduce your food wastages by a considerable amount. Using Sortizy’s application, you can know what ingredients you would require and purchase as close to what you will require in your daily cooking, thereby, reducing what goes in the bin and gives you a guilt trip every other day. It will also open up a plethora of new choices for you. Imagine having the luxury of planning your Vegan meals, Non-Vegetarian meals, North Indian, South Indian, Oriental or Continental with a smart kitchen assistant at your disposal. Seems cool, right? When we are busy, we can end up cooking the same meals time and again. Sortizy makes sure you enjoy different variety of foods and reduces the risk of chronic lifestyle diseases. It helps to tailor your meal schedules with its auto generated grocery list, ingredients for your meals and step by step cooking guides. It also helps you to avoid unhealthy eating options by keeping a track on your calorie levels with the nutrition value tracker in the application.

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