Changing trends in home food preparation in India

Consider how our grandmas and moms are always on their toes to feed us with the tastiest homemade food — they don’t have to think twice for deciding upon the best seasonal vegetable at the time, or go searching for an elaborate recipe on the internet, neither do they get drowned in blues at the process of cooking. Then, consider our current generation, who loves the concept of fast and convenient food. Cooking seems like such a task to most of us, though there are exceptions of those who rejoice in serving you a taste of their own cuisine by making cumbersome efforts for the same. But overall, we all have noticed this declining trend in the culinary experience, which is even more significant being in India, as our country has always had a name in ethnic food and dishes cooked with utmost intricacies in every household.

Noticing the vogue, people are shifting and moving into new residences with the high rise and apartment culture catching up in India, and even though the kitchens are being converted into more sophisticated, elegant and user-comfort oriented spaces, the importance of kitchens in homes is being marginalised because of the general reduction in the frequency of cooking in households. Kitchens in homes are being transformed into kitchenettes, which are small cooking areas, usually with a sink, refrigerator and a microwave. This implies a shift in needs and wants both on an individual and household level.

Looking into the reasons of this declining trend of food preparation at home, the most evident is the change in lifestyle and the transformed work context in general — gone is the age when men went out for work while women cooked and cleaned staying back home. Now all the family members are more work-oriented and with this cooking is taking a back-seat. This is because the process of cooking seems exhausting and time-consuming to comply along with the day’s work in the current scenario and most of us don’t seem to have enough time, energy and patience for it.

Time has become the most precious resource today, and we don’t have enough of it to make grocery lists, check-up ingredients to make all the amazing dishes or even go shopping for them. And to cook something new is a lot of effort when we don’t know where to start. It’s confusing with the endless sites to refer to, and endless channels to follow even when you just want to cook something really simple! You don’t know which recipe to trust.

However, there is a surge in food cravings amongst us and we are more open to explore cuisines ranging from Mexican to Italian. So, whenever we think about satisfying our taste buds, we either choose to order food from outside or cook ourselves from scratch. Ordering food might seem like an instant and convenient solution, but one can’t go on ordering each meal every day, it is both financially taxing and sort of unsatisfying to regularly have food that’s not homecooked. Neither is the hassle of cooking ourselves easy to bear with the myriad options to refer to.

With these winds of change, there is an imperative need for a solution which can walk hand-in-hand with the modern lifestyle and preferences. An efficient and smarter option which could bridge the gap between current options of outside food and cooking from scratch. Meal-kit, a foodservice with proportioned food ingredients and recipes to prepare homecooked meals is such a solution which is convenient, healthy, economic and connects us to our roots. It not only optimizes our challenges with everyday food but is an environment-friendly option — smarter all around.

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