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We Just Wanna Have Sun Fun!: 8 Cool Summer Drinks to relish this Sea-Sun!

Say hello to Californian sunshine as sweaters and blankets go back to their vacations. With the heat waves rolling across our surroundings, air conditioners and coolers have been to our rescue. But, while cooling ourselves from the summer heat is necessary, cooling ourselves internally is also equally important. We at Sortizy have created a list of easy to make chilled beverages within the comforts of your home, which are delicious, refreshing and soon-to-be your favourites!

Summer Tip: To maintain the overall well-being of your body during summers, hydrate yourself with water (add fruits to spruce it up!) at regular intervals, eat foods high in hydration, keep exerting activities during evenings and ensure to take oral rehydration solution, if experiencing dehydration symptoms.

Check out the recipes below, Happy Exploring!

1. Orange Kulukki by the_plateproject_

This refreshing drink from Kerala will rejuvenate you with its tangy goodness! With the goodness of chia seeds and citrus, this easy to make beverage is exactly what you need this summer. Loaded with Vitamin C and Fibre, this drink will help you beat the heat! Well, orange you glad we didn’t make any jokes this time?

Chef Ekta has published this refreshing recipe step-by-step on Sortizy app.

2. Refreshing Green Grape Mint Cooler

We had great jokes on grapes, that too in bunches, but unfortunately, we’re out of creativity. However, we have an amazing recipe for a Grape Mint Cooler, which is fibrous and is rich in Potassium, that will help you balance your bodily fluids. This sweet and tangy drink is the drink you need to zest up your summer! Please don’t wine, we will come up with better jokes soon!

3. Rose Thandai Lassi with Sabja Seeds by coupleofkneads

Summers are incomplete without Lassi. While Thandais is specially made during Holi, we believe that every day is a perfect day to make Thandai. With the cooling properties of rose water and the rich nutrition from Sabja (Basil Seeds), this drink will keep you and your digestive system smooth! Prepare this drink and savour the rich taste of creamy lassi and rich dry fruits!

Thought We’ll leave without a joke? Nope, bas sochne me dairy ho gayi!

4. Sattu Ka Namkeen Sarbath by Sushcookss

This Refreshing North Indian drink has nutrients that are excellent for strengthening hair, improving skin and flushing out toxins from the body. With a tangy twist of lemon and mint in the drink, this zesty beverage gives you the healthcare you need, right within your comforts of home!

5. Pink Rose Mojito by relicious

Roses are red, the sky is blue, this recipe is meant for you! Rose milkshake is a childhood dream, which was consumed after playtime under the hot sun! To give a twist of taste with nostalgia, this cool drink infused with lemon and mint will refresh you instantly! So, while we can’t send roses to an amazing person like you, we can surely share our recipe!

6. Strawberry Kiss Mocktail by Sunera Kitchen

Have a berry-licious summer by having this smooth, creamy and non-alcoholic beverage! Blended with coconut cream and strawberries, this will surely be a favourite at your summer house parties. Loaded with flavorful ingredients, you’ll have the best of summer, right in your hands!

7. Masala Grape Juice by The Daily Delish

While we can’t make best-cellar jokes about grapes, we can surely share an amazing grape drink created by our house chef! This grape drink with a spiced twist is so amazing, every time you make it for your loved ones, they’ll be like “Sip, Sip Hooray!”. So what are you waiting for? Create this beverage and watch the magic unfold!

8. Instant Raw Mango Sharbat

Ending this blog without introducing the king of fruits would be a sham! This amazing chilled drink will ease the heat of summer afternoons by providing you with a flavourful delight! Revamp your summer parties with this drink, or have a little party of your own by indulging in some self-care!

For more amazing recipes and tricks, install the Sortizy app now and don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts! Happy Creating!

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