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Koi Meal Gaya! Quick and Easy Paratha Recipes for tasty meals!

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Parathas, an integral part of quick and easy North Indian breakfast, school tiffin, canteen conversations and what not! Paratha is a typical flatbread which is widely consumed in the South Asian regions like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries like Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago. The etymological origin of the word "paratha" can be traced back to "parat" or layers. A simple paratha is made of layered wheat flour dough which is then shallow fried on some butter. As per historical records, "parauthas" were well liked by the aristocrats and the noble families. Paratha is commonly associated with Punjabi and North Indian food and has a wide variety of stuffing; the most popular one being cottage cheese and potatoes. Spicing the filling with traditional Indian spices, parathas are served hot with accompaniments like curry, chutney, curd, pickles, etc.

Parathas are literally the love of our lives. Versatile, delicious and flavourful, they allow us to bring a piece of our loved one's affection in our tiffin, rolled up with sweet and tender whispers of beautiful words. Let's bring this emotion in the kitchen; curated below are some fantastic recipes by our home chefs, who work hard every day to send you a part of their love, so that you can replicate this in the kitchen and let it multiply. Because we don't just believe in creating recipes; but also magic in the kitchen, as a shared space of stories and memories, passed on through recipes.

1) Dhaba Style Aloo Paratha

Starting with the classics! Aloo Paratha is a type of flat bread which is filled with a spicy potato filling. One of the most popular forms of parathas in the country, the paratha is cooked over a hot pan with ghee (clarified butter) or butter. Due to its popularity, it spread from Punjab to various parts of the Indian subcontinent, but also to Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore and the Caribbean, and is now loved by millions around the world! Hot, buttery dhaba parathas are a must-experience dishes to try once in the lifetime, which is why we bring this authentic experience at your doorstep! a drool-worthy recipe by Deepti's Kitchen on the Sortizy App, this recipe is finger lickin' good! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and say cheers to great taste!

2) Pizza Paratha

Pizza and Paratha are sweethearts for every Indian foodie, but sometimes we may face a dilemma for choosing between them for a meal. Another example of an amazing Indo-fusion recipe by Tarla Dalal, A desi delight with a Western touch, the pizza paratha is a cheesy pizza delicacy that recreates the magic of Pizza and flavourful spiciness of Indian cuisine. Serve hot with ketchup or snazz it up by rolling them into finger rolls! Click on the link below to avail the recipe on the Sortizy App and let us know in the comments section; who are you going to share this Pizza Paratha with?

3) Gobi Paratha

Gobi (Cauliflower) is a popular Indian vegetable that is called as a cruciferous vegetable (Crucifer="Cross like") that is rich in antioxidants and choline that may help the body fighting against cancer, increase memory levels and its highly fibrous texture may help immensely in digestion. Often, kids don't prefer to eat Cauliflower due to it's bland taste, which is why Paratha is the perfect way to balance both taste and nutrition! To make the meal highly delightful, we recommend you to serve it with a side of sprouts salad and a fresh cup of yoghurt. A delightful recipe by Your Food Lab on the Sortizy App, this meal will soon become your family favourite! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and celebrate good health; right at your home!

4) Papad Paratha

Straight from Chandni Chowk to your heart is this delicious Papad Paratha! Filled with the deliciousness of papad pieces, spices and onions, this dish is a melange of flavourful goodness that will capture your heart instantly! This is a fuss-free recipe that requires minimum ingredients and minimum time to create! Perfect solution for unexpected guests and hunger, this paratha will ensure to make you fall in love at first bite! A tasty recipe by The Crazy Indian Chef, try this at home to make it a classic family favourite! Click on the link below to get this recipe on the Sortizy App and tell us, how fast can you recite "Kaccha Papad, Pakka Papad" without messing it up?!

5) Mooli Paratha

The ultimate heartthrob of every Punjabi Household! The hot, buttery smell engulfs the whole household when this dish is being made on a hot pan! Made with grated radish, wheat flour and wholesome Indian spices, this meal can definitely reach straight to your heart! Best served with curds and pickles, radish parathas are the perfect meal accompaniments for the long train journeys! A fantastic restaurant-style meal by The Food Monk on the Sortizy App, this meal will fill your stomachs but not your minds! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and tell us in the comment section, what's your favourite memory on a train journey??

6) Warqi Paratha

Warqi (layered) paratha is a rich, decadent flatbread made of multiple layers. Perfect to pair with savoury curries, this Paratha is a perfect accompaniment with short duration journeys and picnics! It's different from Lachcha Paratha as the folding techniques are different for each dish! A pro tip that we recommend you to do is to refrigerate the dough in fridge to have tastier and flakier parathas! A recipe by Sushcookss on the Sortizy App, pair this delectable paratha with your favourite raita and curry to make unforgettable meals at home! Click on the link below to get this exclusive recipe on the Sortizy App and let us know your favourite curry!

Whether it be a perfect morning breakfast or a quick meal on a train journey, parathas have been an integral part in our lives. Did you know that the largest paratha in the world is about 32 inches in Jaipur! The spicy filling covered in curd, melted butter and accompanied chutney, parathas are nothing short of a savoury melange of delicate flavours!

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