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Quintessential Quinoa: A Must-Have Superfood Ingredient in your Kitchen!

Updated: May 21, 2022

Quinoa as an ingredient is raging in the current food trends as a superfood with nutritional benefits. While we are actively searching for healthier ways to be according to the country and the climate we live in, we often fail to understand the importance of the ingredients, the specific nutrients provided by the elements, and the actual benefits.

Quinoa as an ingredient is increasingly becoming popular, mainly amongst the urban population who are willing to shift to a much healthier diet to restore their health. In this article, we will cover an in-depth analysis of Quinoa so that you can make conscious choices about your diet to follow.

Quinoa (pronounced keen-waa) is a seed derived from the Chenopodium quinoa plant. And while it appears and is consumed exactly like grains, it doesn’t belong to the cereals category, thus called a “pseudo-grain”. Primarily grown in South America, Quinoa plantation has extended to other countries like the United States of America, India, Italy, and Sweden.

Quinoa as an ingredient is not only nutritional but also gluten-free, which can help people with Celiac disease gain the required nutrition previously unavailable to them. In addition, 2013 was declared The Year of Quinoa by the UN as it had the correct requirements and necessary nutrients to combat global hunger.

Quinoa as food has a very nutty taste and earthy texture, albeit slightly chewier than other grains. It is packed with essential nutrients like Potassium, Folate, Selenium, Zinc, and others. Moreover, it is also highly fibrous and contains the necessary amino acids for body health.

Often, people may dislike the idea of quinoa due to it having a slightly bitter taste. The best way to combat this is to soak the quinoa for at least a few hours before cooking to get rid of the bitter taste and activate the necessary enzymes for maximum nutrition retention by the body.

Below is a list of Protein-rich quinoa recipes that you can easily make at home and switch to a healthier you! Loved the recipes? Don't forget to write to us!

1. Quinoa Mango Thai Salad With Peanut Ginger Dressing

What better way to officially welcome the summer season than feasting on mangoes? Being the official summer mascot of goodness, Mangoes are an essential part of our seasonal diet to gain crucial vitamins and minerals like Folate, Magnesium, and Choline. To give a tasty twist to your summer diet, we bring Quinoa Mango Thai Salad With Peanut Ginger Dressing. A delectable recipe by Cooking with Manali on our Sortizy App, this healthy melange consists of fresh vegetables, seasonal fruit, and flavourful quinoa with a salad dressing of maple syrup and peanut butter. Amaze your family with this chic summer salad, and welcome the summers with style!

This dish also acts as a power-packed lunch! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and choose health and taste this time!

2) Strawberries & Cream Breakfast Quinoa

Quinoa, when eaten on an empty stomach can ensure a high retain levels of nutrients like iron and magnesium which helps the nourishment and sustenance of the body, which is especially beneficial for women who have a tendency to have low levels of iron in the body—having sweets for breakfast is usually frowned upon, even after growing up to be an adult! At Sortizy, we believe that health should be achieved through smart meal planning and not based on compromising on your favourite food. This Strawberries and Cream Breakfast Quinoa Recipe by The Little Epicurean on Sortizy ensure that the process of getting good health is done in a fun and delicious manner. With the creamy goodness of fresh cream and berry-delicious flavour of strawberries, healthy eating is now delicious and according to your tastes! Serve cold or at room temperature and watch this become a family delight! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and start making drool-worthy recipes!

3) Vegan Quinoa Jambalaya

Prepare for the battle of the flavours as the new and cool recipe of Jambalaya is in town! A popular dish of Creole origins from New Orleans, it is a perfect example of harmony of flavours and cultures. While Jambalaya is a rice dish typically made and served with various options of meat, this Quinoa dish by Food Addict Duo on Sortizy gives the dish a Vegan twist so that you can enjoy both health and taste at the same time! Instead of the meat, this dish contains essential proteins in form of mixed veggies, chickpea and kidney beans which charges you up for the tasks of the day! Serve hot with a side of cornbread or grilled corn and bring some of fusion cuisine right at your home! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and let the battle of flavours begin!

4) Quinoa Idli

Steamed idlis is a perfect example of a breakfast which had "Good Vibes Only" written all over it. A staple meal belonging to the Southern parts of India, Idli is a white and fluffy pancake which is often served with Sambhar (lentil stew with vegetables). Replacing Rice Flour with Quinoa gives Idlis and you a healthy twist which is vegan, gluten-free and has protein packed goodness. Quinoa Idlis are a perfect alternative for people who are looking for carb-free alternatives for rice. Serve hot and enjoy this with a classic cup of coffee as a side beverage! A recipe by Cook With Manali on Sortizy, have a healthy and wholesome breakfast on us, Tap to Cook!

5) Quinoa Lentils Appe

Appe is a dish originating from South India which has a great versatility and taste. The procedure of making appe and idlis are similar; both use fermented rice batter to be cooked in moulds. Appe's batter consists of black lentils and rice which can bet made spicy using chillies and sweeter using clarified butter and jaggery. This recipe by Nikiceipe on Sortizy uses quinoa as a vegan and gluten-free ingredient which enhances and charges up your body with essential ingredients! Serve it hot with a chutney of your choice.

Pro tip: Spruce up the Appes by adding diced vegetables of your choice in the batter!

Click on the link below to avail the recipe and taste an authentic South Indian dish right within the comforts of your home, Cook Now!

6) Quinoa Paneer Cutlets

Cutlets as a breakfast item in the Indian Railways are a nostalgic dish which reminds us of sunny mornings sitting on our berths. Accompanied with some buttered bread, cutlets are super favourites of both children and adults. Equally scrumptious but high in protein and fibre are the Quinoa Paneer Cutlets by The Plate Project on Sortizy! Served best with a tomato cucumber salad and some fresh tzaziki, the amazing taste of this cutlet willlinger in your minds all day! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and wear the apron, grab your weapons of mass creation because there's a coolest and newest chef in the town!

7) Yogurt Quinoa Parfait

A Parfait breakfast dessert recipe to start a day with! Parfait is a dish which originated in France but has different versions according to the country. This recipe is the Americanized version of parfait which typically contains layers of nuts, fruits, granola and yogurt. A Recipe by The Little Epicurean on Sortizy, this parfait is layered with sweetened quinoa, yogurt, jam and cocoa nibs which certainly serves as a charged up breakfast item. Elegant and sophisticated with a not-so-sophisticated recipe! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and kick-start your mornings with this dreamy recipe!

Quinoa as a superfood is growing popular day by day, thanks to the social media trends and discoveries of the nutrients it provides. While superfoods have a tendency to be perceived as boring sometimes as compared to fried savoury snacks, they help us in the long run by maintaining the body's health at an optimum level. We strive everyday to bring interesting fusions to traditional recipes so that healthy food is stopped perceiving as boring, bland or repetitive! Your feedback will only help us grow better, so do not forget to write to us about the recipe collection and do share it with your loved ones!

Want more delectable recipes? Install our app and follow us on our LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages for more recipes, hacks, smart meal planning, exciting updates and brand collaborations. Have a happy and healthy creation! Sortizy, because we believe that the kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking; it’s also a place where you can find stories, experiences and a stepping stone towards a healthy you.

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