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What's Baking? Fun Cake Recipes for You!

When in doubt, eat cake; this quote has resonated with us millennials for many years. Whether it be a happy occasion or a sad day, cake has always been there with us to provide the comfort food we need. Believed to be originated in The ancient Kingdom of Egypt, Cake as a dessert has held a very important place in variety of social functions like birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. Originally baked as a bread with honey as the seasoning, cake has gone through various changes and twists throughout the society; which is why we have fascinating ones like glass cake and ice-cream cake, while banana bread was a staple recipe of the pandemic cuisine!

The decadent nature of soft, melt in mouth cake is a hungry hearts club favourite! Even at Sortizy, we have a super soft corner for cakes of any shape and size! Which is why, we bring to you a few lip-smacking recipes from Sortizy. A crazy mix of healthy, tasty and fun, these cake recipes will definitely be the comfort food you deserve! For more tasty recipes, install Sortizy and get Exclusive access to more than 250+ recipes, all at one place! Find the curated recipe list below, bake it and make it!

1) Chocolate Mug Cake

A perfect, gooey, warm mug of decadent chocolate cake to be enjoyed while snuggled deep in your blankets! Tempting? We can relate! Mug Cakes date back to 2009 and is a perfect dessert option which requires minimal ingredients and utensils to make! A dorm student's favourite, this can be enjoyed by young ones and adults alike, especially on those typical lazy days when you just want to indulge in some amazing self care. A delicious recipe by the crazy Indian chef on Sortizy, this recipe is eggless, requires minimum ingredients and is the perfect indulgence during this monsoon season! Personally, we would drizzle the cake in caramel sauce or some sprinkles, but you have the freedom to top it the way you want! Click on the link below to get the recipe and bake, set go!

2) Lemon Yogurt Cake

Taste, soft texture, fluffy, you name it, this has it. Lemon is commonly used as a flavour for jellies and tarts, which is why this combination may seem interesting to you at first, but trust us on this; this cake is something which you HAVE to make at least once! The texture for this dessert is versatile which harmonizes your tastes into believing that it could be anything from a fluffy mousse to a delectable pudding. Basically, we invite you to play Hunger Games with us but in a much more fun and safer manner! Jokes apart, we're absolutely serious about this recipe. A perfect accompaniment with your tea, we believe Yo-gurt to try this! An unforgettable recipe by Lipsmacking Foodchannel on Sortizy, bake this amazing delicacy by clicking on the link below!

3) Eggless Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake, also known as the ruler of our hearts, our best friend in times of need or perhaps, a victory feast to celebrate with! Chocolate Cake is a classic recipe in the baking world with millions of fans around the world. The creation of chocolate cake is attributed to Dr. James Baker (hah what a coincidence!) which dates as back as 1764! Chocolate was considered a rare luxury back then only to be enjoyed by a handful of privileged elite, but as the cacao prices became reasonable, chocolate cake reached the masses and since then, has become a staple in terms of dessert. This eggless chocolate cake by Sushcookss on Sortizy has the classic Dairy Milk as a main ingredient cake which is then, topped with a silky chocolate ganache to be relished. Click on the link below to get the recipe and relive the inner child in you!

4) Eggless Orange Marmalade Cake

Ah the sheer bliss of wholesome marmalade over a freshly made warm toast in mornings! Marmalade as a condiment can be loosely defined as preserved citrus fruits that contain the rinds, the pulp and the inner fruit. Due to a substance called pectin, marmalades have a thicker texture that is consistent with a closer counter-part; jelly. Typically used as a sweet condiment with croissants, toasts, scones and biscuits, marmalades are a great addition in cake making as well! This recipe by The Daily Delish on Sortizy is a great testimony to this statement! Enjoy a lovely slice of orange marmalade cake as a snack time or with your evening beverage, or perhaps, make it the highlight of your house party! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and enjoy this during this holiday session with your loved ones!

5) Cherry Cake

Ever heard of the phrase "Cherry on Top?" Might as well cover the entire cake with it! Cherry Cake usually consists of a fluffy, melt in mouth base with glazed, juicy cherries on top. Covered with almonds, this cake is the perfect dessert option for you and also pairs really well with homemade custard or whipped cream! But, that's not all! This cake has a healthy twist of whole wheat and jaggery for our calorie conscious audience! So, sweet desserts need not be a guilty pleasure anymore, it can also be a very integral part of your daily diet! For some extra pizzazz, dip extra cherries in chocolate sauce of your choice and use it as a garnish! Click on the link below to avail the recipe by P V Iyers Kitchen on Sortizy and let us know the way you like this cake; plain or with a healthy portion of whipped cream!

6) Tea Time Bourbon Biscuit Cake

Yes yes yes, we have included so many tea-cake recipes that we believe we're slowly turning into British people! Jokes apart, in today's century, the culinary world isn't too uptight as it was in ancient times, so we believe tea-cake is just a phrase! (The author of this blog is notorious for eating only tea-cakes past midnight!). Bourbon biscuit is a childhood favourite of many people; in fact, we think that sometimes even the adults of the family have a sneaky affection for the biscuit! Which is why we bring to you this fantastic recipe by Deepti's Kitchen on Sortizy. A delectable delight made from cocoa biscuits, these cake slices are a wonderful addition for lively discussions, movie watching or conversations over dinner table! Serve it with a beverage of your choice or perhaps come up with the craziest of combinations, we leave that up to your imagination! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and do let us know; what's the craziest cake combination you have or want to try?

7) Mini Chocolate Nutella Cheesecake

The cake train has officially departed for the next station; cheesecake land! Cheesecake as a dessert has become increasingly popular in our country. While cheesecake's home is traditionally believed to be The Big Apple (New York) in United States of America, it actually originated in Ancient Greece as far as 4,000 years ago! Fresh cheese was topped on a mix made by flour and honey, which was then baked before eating. An interesting fact about cheesecake is that it was served to athletes during the Olympics and were also used extensively during weddings! The tart form of cheesecake came from Britain which was then adopted by the American counterparts. Since then, cheesecake has been a comfort food for many; in fact, Cheesecake Factory from America sells around 35 million cheesecakes every year! While facts like these are food for brain, this recipe by P V Iyers Kitchen on Sortizy is a recipe of love! Creamy, decadent and extremely indulgent, this cheesecake is bound to win some hearts! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and get,set,create!

8) Raspberry Cheesecake

The mesmerizing combination of the tangy rasberry and creamy cheesecake is a festival of flavours for your palate! Every forkful will transport you into culinary wonderland where your mood and spirits will be lifted high in the sky! This incredible recipe by Tasty on Sortizy is the dish you need to unwind yourself in a relaxing manner over the weekend! Pair it up with a compote of your choice or with some classic chocolate shavings. Best served cold. Click on the link below to get the recipe and enjoy a relaxing dessert with you loved ones!

9) 7 Ingredient Vegan Cheesecake Cups

The very notion of Cheesecake implies usage of dairy products for it's creation. Fear not our vegan friends, we have a little something in store for you as well! Described as creamy, tart and perfectly sweet, this vegan recipe is a crowd pleaser and will definitely be the highlight of your solo/group party! Made with natural ingredients like coconut milk, this cheesecake is bound to turn Lonely Hearts Club to Happy Hearts Club! 0% dairy, 100% delicious. A recipe by Minimalist Baker on Sortizy, this cheesecake recipe is the one you definitely need! Click on the link below to avail the recipe and tell us your favourite cheesecake toppings to garnish this with!

Cakes in culinary world have an important place in social and cultural spheres. Whether it be a royalty or commoner, cake was enjoyed by everyone during their daily meals or joyous occasions. Whatever the recipe may be, hating cake is tough job to do, but even tougher job is to make a popular dessert healthy. Which is why Sortizy collaborates with an ever-increasing community of home chefs who bring in their experience and expertise to make popular dishes healthy, as per your dietary needs, because your health matters to us the most.

Want more delectable recipes? Install our app and follow us on our LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages for more recipes, hacks, smart meal planning, exciting updates and brand collaborations. Have a happy and healthy creation! Sortizy, because we believe that the kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking; it’s also a place where you can find stories, experiences and a stepping stone towards a healthy you!

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